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August Home & Logitech

August Home & Logitech

Add and control your August Smart Lock in the Logitech Harmony Hub.

Logitech users can operate their August Smart Lock from the same place they access all their other smart home products.

Works with the Logitech POP Home Switch

Control your August Smart Lock with the push of a button or include Smart Lock control in POP Recipes that work in conjunction with several connected devices installed in a home.

Since the August Smart Lock already works with the Harmony hub-based remote, POP can be used to initiate an Activity like “Movie Night” – the TV, cable and stereo turn on, smart lights dim and the August Smart Lock is locked.

Simple three-way control lets you press once, press twice, or press-and-hold to trigger different preset commands. Each switch is wireless and battery-powered, which means it can be used almost anywhere.

Compatible August Products

August Smart Lock Pro + Connect

The ultimate smart lock for your smart home. Works with all three voice assistants.


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    August Smart Lock + Connect

    Control and monitor your door from anywhere. Works with Alexa and the Google Assistant.

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